Is there an alternative approach for obesity and weight management?

An alternative approach for Obesity with Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss and Dealing with Obesity often isn’t about just losing weight but treating why you gained weight in the first place


Hypno Gastric Band is another way to treat obesity

I have been successfully treating many people for obesity for a number of years. There seems to be an idea that an operation and a real gastric band is the “only” approach when diets or slimming regimes have failed.Actually becoming an “intelligent eater” is more important than “points, sins or counting calories” – there is another approach of weight management that doesn’t mean when you stop the regime that you immediately put the weight back on. Time to stop yoyo dieting!

Obesity is treatable

Obesity is a serious problem reaching epidemic proportions in the UK and can lead to type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart conditions, cancer and other ill health. It is important to address WHY someone is overeating and treat the underlying causes – I have even seen people who had the Gastric Band fitted only to start trying to find ways around the system to address their need to comfort or binge eat or eat because of emotional reasons. The answer for me is to use hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming and hypnoanalysis to address the reasons for overeating and finally “fit” a hypno gastric band at the end of the four part course.

The course is very thorough and tailored to each individual with nutritional information supplied and motivation to eat less, manage weight and find some exercise that will work for an individual.

Have a look at my Hypno Gastric Band page and the genuine testimonials – it is possible to acheive weight loss and find a happier life with this system for as little as £260. A real Gastric Band can cost £8,000 or more.

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Weight loss management with hypnosis no more yo yo diets!

Weight loss Hypnosis

Losing weight with hypnosis and NLP in Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex

is different to losing weight by dieting or slimming. People lose weight on a diet and then put it back on again when they return to their normal way of eating or get bored with calorie counting or points or whatever system they use.



Broadly diets are about starving yourself or excluding things from your diet and some people get very bored with this.

Hypnosis is used to focus on the WHY of overeating and help you understand how you can become an intelligent eater for life without special diets. Most of us know what we feel we should eat and we know to eat slowly good food in small portions. We also know exercise will help get us fit and lose weight. Yet we don’t do it and beat ourselves up. We eat rubbish food full of fat sugar and salt and risk type two diabetes, problems with obesity, heart trouble, cancer and back and knee problems because our body cannot cope with the extra strain.

However once you understand what you are doing and begin to see that you can be in control once you deal with your mindset and problems surrounding eating you too can become an intelligent eater and lose weight and keep it off. Once you deal with you demons you are happier too!

Change is possible and you can lose significant amounts of weight without gastric band surgery or other bariatric procedures. So why not look at the possibilities of “changing your mind”?

There is more on my Weight Loss page and Hypno Gastric Band page

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Weight Loss Management with Hypnosis in Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex – Losing Weight is often less about the diet and more about why you became overweight in the first place