Anxiety Depression Stress Panic Attacks – is Hypnotherapy and NLP the answer?

Hypnotherapy1Does hypnotherapy or hypnosis help with anxiety stress depression or panic attacks?

Treating anxiety depression stress and panic attacks

I have treated many people for the distressing and draining effects of Stress Anxiety Panic Attacks and Depression – I have to say that my experience has been that these distressing conditions respond well to Hypnotherapy and NLP. So much of the problem is in mindset in addition to chemical imbalances, trauma, diet and in general how you handle problems in your Life.How much is it really a problem or should it be viewed as something that needs a solution.? Those are different ways of seeing and thinking. If I say don’t think of a blue elephant! What happens? You have to think of it to delete it. If you think you have a problem then you do. If you look for a solution you will take action and the problem is resolved. If you make a mistake – don’t beat yourself up – learn from the mistake so you never have to suffer the consequences again. Keep trying different strategies until you find one that works “for now” – then you begin to become “solution focussed” rather than obsessing about a problem and doing nothing until it blows up in your face. Some of this can be treated with strategies to address “bad feelings”, some with a change in the way you think and some with changing your working practices and prioritising well. There is also learning mindfulness, self hypnosis and anchoring a calm state and exercise such as Yoga which helps.


Why use Hypnosis and NLP for bad feelings?

Because we want to bypass the critical faculty which is unfortunately where you have learned a limiting set of coping habits and perceptions that limit your life and suggest to your unconscious or subconscious mind that you CAN do something different. After all the Light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t have to be a train coming in the opposite direction. It could be as Richard Bandler – co founder of NLP – says: “Delight at the end of the Tunnel!” You can get control by making a positive change and learning with trance and NLP how to handle these conditions better. You will learn that feelings are a message to take action – and you can learn how to do that effectively so you take away the reasons for these distressing feelings. For instance some of this is based in the prehistoric Fight or Flight Mechanism – originally there as a protection mechanism – dumping adrenaline into the system with all the attendant discomfort that a sufferer from extreme anxiety or panic attacks or severe stress will tell you. It gets worse if you try to suppress it. It would be useful down a dark alley when someone is breaking glasses ahead of you and yelling – but not when it is Nigel yelling about a mistake in the Year end accounts! Where you have learned to over react to a stimulus and your anxiety / stress gauge is set too high – I teach you how to calm that down instead of trying to suppress it and you can then take rational action. You need to acknowledge the alert so your unconscious stops thinking you haven’t noticed and dump more adrenaline and make you hyperventilate and send blood to the extremities in preparation for fight or flight – thus making any discomfort much worse as you take blood away from where it is potentially needed. You used to be taught with anxiety panic and stress to breathe into a paper bag – that is slow down your breathing – but there are techniques that I teach so that you teach yourself to handle these distressing feelings more productively and eventually automatically.

One technique for reducing stress anxiety depression and panic.

Concentrate on your breathing and slow it down. Breathe down to the pit of your stomach. Give your in breath the colour you associate with calm / healing. Give your out breath the colour of stress / discomfort or pain. Make the our breath longer than the in breath. Concentrate on this for a few minutes. Close your eyes and let your muscles soften. Now: Visualise the stress anxiety / pain floating out of your body and filling yourself with the calm colour see the stress / discomfort as a red balloon in front of you. Imagine you have a lever marked from 10 – 1. Now turn it down slowly and shrink the balloon. Now change the colour to the healing colour and shrink it down more and more. Watch it shrink all the way down. And relax for a few minutes and focus on your breathing slowly and deeply. Feel better? You can always record the instructions very slowly with big pauses with some nice gentle music. Or come and see me for more that will help you… Hope this helps

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