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Weight Loss Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex

Losing Weight isn’t about ‪#‎dieting‬ – it’s about why you put on the weight in the first place. I was a specialist in weight loss hypnotherapy in Harley Street and since then have been using hypnosis and NLP to help people to lose weight in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex. I was also an early adopter of the Hypno Gastric Band for obesity so have many clinical hours of experience.


How to Lose Weight

Gaining Weight

We keep hearing that we have an have an “obesity epidemic” in the UK. Some of this, as in the USA, is because of ready meals and junk food. In fact the American Health Authority calls it “junkie food” because they say that people become addicted to fat sugar and salt in high levels in the food which makes them feel good for all of half an hour! Unfortunately this has a bad impact on the waistline. It can also lead to depression, cancer, osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart trouble and more! Your knees and back don’t thank you either because for every stone overweight it is as if you were wearing a rucksack filled with fat. You try carrying a rucksack wearing a rucksack weighing even one stone and you will see what I mean!

Losing weight with dieting

The problem is that the diet industry has always known that when you stop the diet you go back to your “normal eating” – and when you do the weight piles on again! So we get the boom and bust of yoyo dieting. Quite honestly dieting is boring!

Diets tend to be starvation or exclusion diets

Starvation Diets

You are asked to cut down on calories or maybe you are allowed sins (I find calling food sinful a psychological no no!) or you eat shakes or ready meals.

Some diet ready made foods contain ground duck feathers to bulk you out or a substance like wallpaper paste that mimics fat. You may find that if they are low in fat or salt they are high in sugar or vice versa.

Starvation puts pressure on the liver and kidneys and your autonomic system makes you crave to eat more. You might have strong short term goals – such as a wedding – and you override the siren call of your hypothalamus – the governor of your appetite.

You drink diet drinks which might contain aspartame which studies show makes you hungrier and actually may cause cancer.

You get bored with the shakes or ready meals.

You crash diet to beat the weigh in.

The moment you weaken you binge and put the weight back on.

Exclusion diets

Don’t eat fish on a wet Tuesday! Eat lots of fat. Cut out carbs. Take as much fat as possible out of your diet. Fast on designated days etc etc. A nutritionist friend told me how harmful these diets can be as your poor digestive system liver and kidneys suddenly take on a huge load of one particular type of food and suddenly lacks another food group.

I suggested that I should bring in a Pineapple Diet – where you substitute fresh pineapple for one meal a day. I would talk of it’s miraculous digestive powers. I would say it was high in Bromelane a digestive enzyme. I would say it was full of fibre and bulked you out. I would tell you to watch your calories i other meals. You might do it and lose weight … until you got bored with Pineapple and it would go the way of the Grapefruit Diet!

Perhaps I would sell it to you in pill form extolling the virtues of some obscure chemical and it’s ability to break down fat.

If all this worked wouldn’t the NHS prescribe it?


Dieting Problems

The problem is that we become calorie obsessed: “I lost / gained a pound today!” It is rumoured that some weight loss counsellors get bonuses for every pound lost – hence the obsession with pounds. Frankly you can gain or lose a pound depending on what time of the day that you weigh. A pound is nothing. The overall aim is to lose weight steadily – and there will be peaks and troughs depending where you are in getting rid of fat – for instance.

If you are in a time where weight stands still or even goes up a little you get depressed and abandon the diet – it is “not working” – so you may as well comfort yourself with food.

Or maybe you feel it is all your fault?

Actually: You are fighting your body’s natural equilibrium.

Weight Management with Hypnosis

My approach is to help you manage your weight without calorie counting or any other gimmick. You learn how to use portion size control and eat a balance of fod stuffs that meet your body’s needs.

You take some exercise which you enjoy

Most importantly you address why you overeat.

Why you overeat


“The boss / customer yelled at me so I reached for my secret Chocolate Drawer!”

We tranquillise ourselves with sweets or food and binge or comfort eat.

We could however use a strategy to address the stress and also lessen the possibilities of being yelled at by someone: prioritising is one great strategy instead of eating.

The problem is that you stress eat and it makes you “feel good” for about 15 minutes and then the stress still hasn’t gone.

A little stress is a good thing – a lot can prove fatal! It is now one of the biggest killers.


“I get anxious and eating a snack makes me feel better.”

I had a client that I regressed to find out if she unconsciously understood her addiction to jelly babies. She recalled a long repressed memory of being eight years old and her Mother sitting her in a sunny garden and saying: “Never mind darling – when you have a problem eat a jelly baby and all will be well.”

Her 25 stone self thanked her Mother for that well intentioned dietary nightmare but realised that she didn’t have to address her anxieties that way.

I taught her how to diminish the anxiety and address the source of the anxiety.


“I get bored in the evening and watch TV and reward myself after a hard day with beer and snacks.”

This is a huge danger area for some people and eating late means you never really get to digest properly so the body deposits it as fat to digest later. Of course you never get to digest it later.

Boredom is a craving for company or mental stimulus – so we need to find a strategy for that … one client started making bespoke cards .. another loved reading and joined a book club and made friends … another rediscovered Art … another took up running again and is now doing half marathons .. another wrote her village history.

We also need to suggest gently that eating or drinking too much alcohol is not the best default.

There are many reasons for weight issues

I work with you using my many years of experience to find solutions to overeating or drinking too much alcohol. We work in a holistic way through the issues – so whether it is Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Boredom or anything else that causes you to tranquillise yourself with food we will find a strategy, explore nutritional alternatives, have some fun along the way, motivate you to lose weight and much more …

Hypno Gastric Band for Obesity in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex

I was an early adopter of the virtual gastric band and I now offer this in Ipswich and Hadleigh in Suffolk and Colchester Essex. It works well and the course thoroughly explores with Hypnotherapy Hypnoanalysis and NLP all reasons for your weight issues and then “fits” under hypnosis the HypnoGastricBand. The Hypno Gastric Band is available now in Ipswich Suffolk. Hadleigh Suffolk on Sundays and Colchester Essex.

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Ipswich and Colchester

Graham Howes Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Ipswich Suffolk Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex

Is there an alternative approach for obesity and weight management?

An alternative approach for Obesity with Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss and Dealing with Obesity often isn’t about just losing weight but treating why you gained weight in the first place


Hypno Gastric Band is another way to treat obesity

I have been successfully treating many people for obesity for a number of years. There seems to be an idea that an operation and a real gastric band is the “only” approach when diets or slimming regimes have failed.Actually becoming an “intelligent eater” is more important than “points, sins or counting calories” – there is another approach of weight management that doesn’t mean when you stop the regime that you immediately put the weight back on. Time to stop yoyo dieting!

Obesity is treatable

Obesity is a serious problem reaching epidemic proportions in the UK and can lead to type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart conditions, cancer and other ill health. It is important to address WHY someone is overeating and treat the underlying causes – I have even seen people who had the Gastric Band fitted only to start trying to find ways around the system to address their need to comfort or binge eat or eat because of emotional reasons. The answer for me is to use hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming and hypnoanalysis to address the reasons for overeating and finally “fit” a hypno gastric band at the end of the four part course.

The course is very thorough and tailored to each individual with nutritional information supplied and motivation to eat less, manage weight and find some exercise that will work for an individual.

Have a look at my Hypno Gastric Band page and the genuine testimonials – it is possible to acheive weight loss and find a happier life with this system for as little as £260. A real Gastric Band can cost £8,000 or more.

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