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Hypnosis to Quit Smoking in Colchester Essex Hadleigh and Ipswich Suffolk

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking in Suffolk and Essex


We all know that cigarettes are poisonous – but how poisonous are they? Well there are 4,000 poisons in each cigarette… you have a one in three chance of contracting Cancer, emphysema, circulatory problems, heart and lung disease. Most people simply know that they really want to stop smoking and, if you are determined to quit smoking, I can definitely help you.

Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis is the hands down best method of quitting smoking according to studies and three sessions are the best way to quit ensuring over a three week period that you stop and stop for good without Weight Gain.

I even offer a special course for those wanting to stop smoking AND lose weight see my Hypnosis to Lose Weight AND stop smoking with hypnosis page

For most people the three part course of hypnotism and NLP will be enough. Latest studies show three parts are best to stop smoking for good. I will give you all the support you need and we will deal with WHY you smoke – so you don’t have to smoke any more and won’t miss it. Some people describe smoking as their friend but actually it is more like the friend who turns up drunk and smelly at your important party and who is robbing your bank account while at the same time giving you a one in three chance of dying from heart attack, stroke, emphysema or cancer – to name a few lethal things associated with smoking!

Here are a couple of testimonials – there are more on my TESTIMONIALS page

Testimonial for quit smoking:

“Still stopped smoking and happy for it.. Hypnobirthing next I think!” Ms RW Skype Client Barcelona Spain

” I am now able to properly do my job of training the team – I am no longer breathless and I dreaded going like my Father from Emphysema. Thank you!” Mr OG

The course costs for a limited time £180 for three ninety minute sessions PLUS THREE FREE CDs or MP3 files as backup. I can take only a limited number at that price so please act soon!

Call me for a FREE consultation on the phone leave name and number and times to call –  if you don’t get me I am probably in session

Call 01473 879561 or 07875720623 or email: grahamahowes@me.com

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Hypnotherapy to quit smoking in Colchester Essex and Hadleigh and Ipswich Suffolk – Hypnosis to quit smoking in Suffolk and Essex.