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Hypnosis stop smoking Ipswich Suffolk Hadleigh Suffolk Colchester Essex – Quit smoking hypnosis / stop smoking hypnotherapy is probably the top rated and easiest method for successful smoking cessation – without gaining weight


hypnosis quit smoking Ipswich Hadleigh Colchester

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk Colchester Essex hypnosis to stop smoking

The Budget in 2012 – another 37p on each pack of cigarettes – many smokers back then suggested that was it! So why not stop smoking now for good? How much is it now? If you smoke 20 a day you are spending up to £50 a week or £2,400 plus a year on a dangerous habit that kills you! Hypnotherapy is the top tried and tested method to quit smoking. If you are serious about smoking cessation contact me – 3 sessions are optimal to stop smoking long term – as latest research indicates – and I charge the same for THREE sessions as many do for ONE session. You may well quit smoking in one session – but will you stay stopped? We help you quit and stay stopped over a three week period enough to get you past withdrawal.

You will recoup that outlay in very short order – and stop risking your health – 1 in 3 smokers will die of a tobacco related disease. If you want to “be there” for your loved ones you should seriously stop smoking now with hypnotism. I have helped people with terminal lung or mouth cancer from smoking who are in their 30s – please don’t believe it is an old person’s risk.

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Smoking Facts – why you should stop smoking – Smoking and Women

Latest Lancet report on Smoking and Women is based on a study of one million Women: If you stop before you are thirty you may well get away with it. At forty you have already decreased by a year your life. Beyond that ten years lost. Is it worth the risk? I have seen the effects of emphysema and cancer and heart disease in smokers, because I have helped them too, and trust me you don’t want to risk it. The premature ageing also shows in the face and you will also be unfit.

Imagine: there are 4,000 poisons you suck into your lungs with each inhalation of a cigarette. Now think of the Russian roulette … that one in three die of a nasty smoking related disease.

You can Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Picture a Tobacco Company Executive in a really expensive suit with a big fat wallet and his new Porsche. Can you visualise him? See that flash car bought at your expense? OK?

Well he is laughing at you – because despite all the evidence as to the terrible harm it causes – you are still handing over handfuls of cash. If I gave you a 3 chambered gun loaded with one bullet and said: “Spin it and put it to your head and pull the trigger” – would you? You have a one in three chance to contract something serious – is it worth it? You might think of smoking as an old friend but it is the kind of friend who is robbing your bank account and threatening to kill you. And if you smoke even ONE that will lead to TWO and so on … and there you are risking your life again.

See Matt Damon Hollywood Actor and star of the “Bourne” films on why going to see a Hypnotherapist, to stop smoking, was “the greatest decision of my life”.

Why you should consider giving up smoking – if you need the facts the smoking lobbies don’t want you to know – I can give you all the reseasch or you can just book and for £180 I will give you three in depth sessions and by these approaches, tailored to you, and what drives your smoking, by this I will help you safely quit smoking for good with this tried and tested method.

Research shows that many will give up after one session – but to guarantee giving up for good three sessions seems to be the proven solution to ensure quickly stopping smoking for ever – you will save the money spent on these sessions in a very short time – work out how much more you could save by stopping smoking now and stopping gambling with health too – 1 in 3 smokers will die of a smoking related disease: research shows that THREE sessions are the optimum for stopping smoking long term – that is why I charge the same or less than many do for ONE session – I have known a person die with emphysema from smoking – so I am keen to help you stop.

“I am still smoke free.. Super happy not smoking!” RW BARCELONA

It’s no longer cool or sexy to smoke – it really is just a poisonous smelly anti social expensive habit that destroys your health. See my BLOG on STOPPING SMOKING

You can stop without weight gain – so pick up the phone or email text or call:

Cost: £180 inclusive of FREE back up session CDs for reinforcement of suggestions or as a top up

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Here is what some Indian Children learned about Quitting Smoking from ONE Cigarette;

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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking in Suffolk and Essex

Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Hypnosis Quit Smoking Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex

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