Anxiety Stress Depression and Panic attacks

Hypnotherapy for Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Stress and Panic Attacks Fear and Phobia Hypnosis in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex

Hypnotherapy for anxiety stress depression and panic attacks

Panic attacks, anxiety symptoms, stress management fear and phobia and depression can all be helped with hypnosis using hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis and NLP.

One in Four of us could do with some help that medication alone for anxiety and depression will not address. There are many strategies which can help you deal with WHY you may be suffering and we can usually get to the bottom of what is causing the difficulty with hypnoanalysis and make those therapeutic changes that will enable you to get by the problem and find a better Quality of Mind. This not a matter of being “all in the mind” but is often also about making adjsutments to your mindset, diet, and lifestyle to combat these distressing symptoms.

You should feel that you can get free of these problems and see that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train coming the other way – maybe you can find delight at the end of the tunnel instead!

Fight or Flight…

In the case of anxiety stress and panic attacks – much of the problem is with the “fight or flight mechanism” which dumps adrenaline into our system to fight the predator or run away – which was useful when we might have been prey to a sabre tooth tiger but most of the time is not helpful in the 21st century – particularly when we try to ignore it so the subconscious feels we haven’t noticed and continues to dump more and more adrenaline until we almost pass out! Fears and Phobias can be easily dealt with by Hypnosis.

Hypnosis and Nerves and Panic and Anxiety

A little “nerves” or anxiety symptoms are fine and natural – indeed sometimes beneficial – but panic attacks anxiety or stress or depression can be connected with an exaggerated response to stimuli. We need to be able to tell our subconscious, which governs our responses, to stop dumping so much adrenaline into our system – that we have noticed the alert and we don’t really need that response – and train ourselves to be calmer and more confident in any situation that has given us anxious feelings in the past. This is all possible with hypnosis and NLP which enables you to change how you feel and act and get control of the situation.

When you are depressed you may feel that the onset of depression cannot be stopped but there are strategies that can work to help head off most depressive incidents. You don’t need to feel surrounded and hemmed in by all that negativity – you can learn to turn around that low state and get in touch with your higher happier states of mind more often. Anxiety disorder and Depression – help is here so you can learn to handle it better. Yoga, mindfulness meditation and exercise also help – but hypnosis could be the key.

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“This man saved me , didn’t leave the house for so long , he got me out as I suffer from acrophobia and panic attacks , with CDs to listen of our sessions as home work , I now have a life again , me and my family couldn’t be more grateful”

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Making Stress your friend

There are strategies to combat Stress one of the world’s biggest killers, anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression or the fall out from PTSD, sexual abuse, physical abuse and trauma.

There is delight at the end of the tunnel – rather than the light at the end of the tunnel being a train coming in the opposite direction!

A 3 part hypnotherapy course costs £180 and is available at Frinton on Sea Clacton Essex and Ipswich and Hadleigh in Suffolk see my practices page

Skype sessions are available for all these treatments please email for details – 90 minutes for £65 payable in advance by paypal with backup mp3 of your session! Three sessions £180

Graham Howes Professional Hypnotherapist Anxiety Stress Panic Attacks Depression and PTSD and Psychological Trauma Therapy specialist in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex

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