A selection of testimonials for Graham Howes Hypnotherapy in Ipswich, Suffolk or Colchester, Essex or by Skype / FaceTime Worldwide and Nationwide


Testimonial: “Graham Howes is not only a very talented hypnotherapist he has a wonderful way of making you feel totally relaxed and at ease. He has a wonderful human quality rare in a world full of egotistical therapists. I highly recommend him.” Lynne Akers – Professional

Testimonial for the Hypno Gastric Band Hypnotherapy:

“My Gastric Band Hynotherapy was so much easier then I thought, I almost instantly felt motivated and wanted to change the way I eat, A month later I still keep a food diary, go for long walks and enjoy eating the better food! I’m so pleased with my weight loss so far, of 13 pounds after four weeks, and would recommend it to anyone'” Ms H E

Hi Graham – I trust you are well? I’m sure you will be delighted to know that I am progressing well with my weight loss – since my final session, I have lost 1 stone 4 1/2 pounds and I have dropped a dress size! And I am starting to get my confidence back. And running again which has astonished my other half and my colleagues! As I’m doing really well with my weight loss, I’ve obviously benefited from having my HypnoGastricBand fitted. We’ve been out for dinner a few times but on each occasion I haven’t felt the need for a dessert and I have stopped eating when I’ve been full, even though a large part of me has wanted to carry on eating because I was enjoying what I was eating. Every time I’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’, I’ve been straight back at it the next day. Thanks so much! Ms RA

Hi Graham,

I hope you are well.

I thought I would email you to let you know my progress. It has now been almost 7 months since my last session with you.

On Friday at weigh in, I hit my 3 stone target (in fact I have now lost 3 stone 1 pound) and I have 5 1/2 pounds to go to target. I am now fitting into size 10/12 clothes and have new found confidence in myself. I’d like to keep going and lose another stone if I can … What an achievement!

Testimonials for the Hypno Gastric Band Hypnosis:

“Dear Graham I wanted to update you on my progress. Well it is week 7 since I first saw you and I have now lost 20lb in total. Last week my Doctor wrote me a lovely letter about how interested he was in my virtual gastric band and said that he thought other patients might benefit and wanted your details. I photo copied your card several times and wrote a nice reply saying that I hoped other patients would benefit from this type of treatment. I am still very happy and doing really well and joined a Gym at the weekend and have been swimming daily since – I am going to have an induction for the Gym equipment at the weekend and they also have great classes at the Gym one in particular I am hoping to attend next week is “Salsa” it is without partners and just the movements to music which would be ideal for me as I love the music.

It really is changing my life and whole outlook on things. You may certainly post my letter as a testimonial -as I am truly very happy and I really hope other people get the same success. I am on holiday on … for a week and may come and see you for my floating appointment on return to keep focussed. I will take my CD with me and listen daily! Regards Mrs M (Name witheld for confidentiality reasons)”

“Hi Graham

It’s been a few weeks now since I last saw you. Thought I’d let you know that all’s going to plan. I’m still listening to the CD’s, not everyday but when I can. I’m still keeping a food diary and the books that you recommend have been very good. Particularly the ‘Eat Less’ one that seems to talk to me. From time to time whilst I’m reading it I found myself say ‘Ah but’ only to find the response to what I’m thinking is in the next few lines. Spooky.

Another spooky thing that happened, it has made me realise that the Hypnotism worked – I have consciously decreased portion sizes and now consciously eat and look for more nutritious way of eating, never being quite sure how much influence the hypnotism has had, then I was out last Thursday night at a Harvester, I conscientiously went for all the healthiest options and my dinner arrived. I had planned to eat the lot, after all it was OK for me to do that, I had planned it and then half way through I found myself saying ‘I’m full up and I don’t want any more’ and for probably the first time ever in a restaurant it was really ok for me to leave half, I was satisfied I wasn’t telling myself to be good, I genuinely wanted the healthy food options and was genuinely happy not to clear the plate, I knew at that moment that it is the hypnotism working at a sub conscious level and not me telling myself consciously what to do because I was aware I was thinking how much I wanted to carry on eating but it was OK not to.

It’s 6 weeks since I first came to you, I usually lose interest in ‘diets’ after 6 weeks but find myself totally committed to carry on . I have lost 17 1/2lbs to date and I am totally confident that my weight will continue to fall. I still find it difficult not to make weight loss the target, so concentrate very much on food on a day to day basis.

Hope you are keeping well, are as busy as you want to be and that you find the feed back interesting, it’s so nice not to be on a diet and still be losing weight.”

Take Care


“I was waiting until today to give you a progress report as I had a Doctors’ appointment this morning and he was VERY pleased with my weight loss he said 11 pounds since he last weighed me in January but I know it is 1 stone now so am also VERY pleased and VERY happy. I did tell the Doctor of how I was achieving my weight loss and he was very interested and supportive and thought it was a good choice for me as it certainly seemed to be working. I did miss my weekly appointment slot this week and think I may book in a couple of weeks to have the band tightened a little so that I do not lose focus. I have been listening to week two CD every day at least once. I am feeling exceedingly HAPPY and keep smiling and it certainly is changing my life and I thank you for this and will certainly keep you updated weekly as I think it will help me too. I am thinking about some excercise now and am going swimming. On Saturday my friend has invited me to …. House in Colchester I really need to start doing some walking or swimming or something and then feel the weight would reduce quicker so I am working on that! Any way Thanks again and keep in touch” MF

“Magic Wand effective – Half stone lost this week! Thanks for the top up session!! RW

“It has taken a Year to reach my Target weight and size – but what do I care – I reached it and the key thing is my Life is so much happier and my Legal Practice works so much better with all those tips on prioritising and ending procrastination and also stopping being a doormat. The process also showed me to see what I really want in Life.” A FEMALE BARRISTER

Testimonial from a Fear of Flying client who could not get on a plane without panic:

Dear Graham

I saw you in March of this year re my fear of flying. Well I managed the long flight to and from Singapore in May and I was fine! It was a good smooth flight both ways so that helped but I am in no doubt that the visualisations and ‘resetting’ of my negative thought patterns helped enormously. Thank you! Our 2 1/2 Hour flight to Spain in September now seems like nothing.

Thank you once again.”

Best wishes

HF (Initials for reasons of confidentiality)

“I have to fly to LA regularly and my Fear of Flying was making it increasingly difficult for me. You sorted me out and I have since had no difficulty.” CW – Author

Testimonial from RF suffering from severe anxiety which had affected his speech

“Hi Graham just to let you know that I am progressing well and am finally back at work now and feeling so much better. Stutter gone! Thank you so much for your help”.

Testimonial for anxiety and thumb sucking

“Sorry I haven’t been it touch for a few weeks. I am pleased to say things are going very well, I actually can’t believe how well – so very happy. I was planning on booking another session but don’t feel I need to at the moment. I just wanted to thank you for your help.”

Testimonial for Mid Life Crisis and Lack of Confidence:

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me get through this crisis. My confidence has improved and I have had some profound insights and begun to notice where I am giving myself problems – which means that I can correct the problem – I did not realise how much of my problems were of my own creation!”

Testimonial on Facebook:

I’ve been out more in last three weeks than I have in last three years, I’ve made some people very happy and my self, want to thank graham my hypnotherapy man , can’t thank you enough —If anyone is interested in hypnotherapy for smoking, weight loss, anxiety panic and other things pls in box graham as tagged In this post, he has given me my life back , A life I thought I’d never have again, from not going out for sometimes weeks and full of panic , which in the end I just excepted and thought I’d be like it for life,, and just became the norm for me, but after finding what path we needed to go down we got there in the end , again thank you so much — LB

Testimonial: I just want to say a BIG thank you for all your help. I think your “dyno rod” approach in last Sunday’s session certainly unblocked the resistance pipe! … I won’t hestitate to call on you if I feel I need an extra push. LC

Testimonial for Crohns treatment:

“Hi Graham

The session CD you did is awesome and the first time I tried unaided sleep last night I used your CD, I remember the whole CD but the rest was history. I got up it was dark, I was worried it was only 11. It was 7am 🙂 YAY Well done Graham.

So I will need another Session Soon. Just to let you know you are well worth your money. I also feel more positive as this is the time it should be worse … [but] I’m back on my feet”… SH

Weight Loss Testimonial

Hi Graham just a little message to thank you …. I have dropped a Dress size and have lost a stone I’m happy to work out at the gym and have lost that “I can’t eat that I’m on a diet” syndrome ….. I have Regained My confidence and feel bloody brilliant .. So thank you. I have passed your name to many people who I hope get in touch … Anon…. I know has seen you. “Name withheld ” took your telephone number and web site he was interested possible for his patients he is a private dentist. I hope that I am able to pass enough referrals to you to repay you for the help you have given me. All the best

Testimonial for quit smoking

“Still stopped smoking and happy for it.. Hypnobirthing next I think!” Ms RW Barcelona – a Skype Client in Barcelona Spain

” I am now able to properly do my job of training the team – I am no longer breathless and I dreaded going like my Father from Emphysema. Thank you!” Mr OG

“I stopped in the first session – and stayed stopped .. so you kindly worked on my work stress issues and fear of weight gain.”

“The image of the Tobacco Company Executive laughing his socks off while leaning on his top of the range car because I was still his addict stuck with me – I was damned if he would have another penny off me!”

“Stopping smoking is the best thing I have ever done!” MD

On Anxiety and Stress from a fellow US based Professional

You are gifted that’s for sure … your art is helping to empower people to make healthier choices … I’m all for it.

Cindy Guggino

On making a change for the better…

“If you do what you always did – You will get what you always got” – Yes I get it now – after 6 months working together … you took me from contemplating ending it all with a failing business and extreme social phobia and anxiety, to working for a Global Business – I changed my perception and stopped being a victim of my past to start to look forward to each day and it’s challenges – as you said “change your perception and change your mind” – I realised that I was trapped in a prison of my own limitations and you showed me how to break free. “Thank you Graham” – is inadequate for getting my Life on track.

Testimonial for Insomnia

If you recall, we agreed to meet later in the year to work on fear of flying. My problems with a sleeping disorder that you treated are now over, and I enjoy 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep most nights of the week. Dr S B

Hypnosis for Various Habits and Fears and Phobias

I came to you with a tall order and I am calling you to thank you for making my Life so much easier. I was swallowing a lot, I was unable to drive on large roads, I was claustrophobic, anxious and panicky and depressed. To my astonishment a few months on I am free of all that – I drove on the A12 – impossible before – I have been in lifts – and no longer notice swallowing. Thank you so so much! I am recommending you to anyone who will listen.

Weight Loss and Running!

“You have helped me and a number of my colleagues and friends a number of times. This time it was weight loss and motivating me to run at a decent level again. Mission accomplished on all fronts!” A Business Owner

Fear of Heights

“You showed me that my fear of heights was based in an incident in my youth and asked me to test that your approach had worked. I smiled when I emailed you to tell you that I booked an adventure holiday and jumped off a mountain, strapped to a burly instructor, and parascended down to the ground – superb – the next day I went white water rafting! I’d loved to have seen your face – you did suggest a gentle test after all!” Female Fear of Flying Client


“I didn’t reveal to you that I was a Senior Psychologist because I didn’t want you to feel awkward in any way. I had had a bad abuse issue when young and you helped me come to terms with it, to finally confront the perpetrator, and to move on with my Life.” 

Fear of Death and More

“I was trained to withstand hypnosis when in Intelligence  – so we worked through my issues conversationally. I believe you primarily used NLP – along with a lot of common sense – to help me get past my fears.”  Historian

Fear of Flying:

Hi Graham, 

Have been meaning to email you. Hope you are well. 

Just to let you know, I returned home a few weeks ago from an awesome trip to Hong Kong and Australia, yes I made it there and back! 

The first flight I had nerves but was able to get through boarding and plough through the take off using the techniques you taught me and after a glass of red wine was much better. Each flight got easier and by the the last one home I had no nerves at all and actually really enjoyed it. 

It really is crazy to think for all those years I feared it so much and avoided flying and as you said in one of the tapes, it really does feel like I’m looking back at someone else. I am now looking forward to having more holiday’s abroad in the future.

I must say, listening the recordings before hand definitely worked a treat and I am so pleased that the fear has gone. Thank you so much. 

Also I have recommended you to a friend of mine who may contact you. 

Many Thanks

H x

All testimonials for Hypnotherapist Graham Howes are genuine but anonymous for reasons of client confidentiality – Hypnosis in Essex and Suffolk and Worldwide and Nationwide by Skype

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