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Hypnotherapy and NLP for lack of confidence Low Self Esteem and Social Phobia

“And he said if you are 6 foot tall why do you only stand 5′ 9 instead of 6′ 2?” Roger Moore.

roger mooreConfidence is something that you earn and learn! Most of us have had times when we felt confident – even if only for a moment – because we overcame some challenge, we won something, we felt that we could easily do something!

Our Low Self esteem or lack of confidence can come from many things: other negative experiences, bullying, mental and physical or sexual abuse – or just a sense that we “are not good enough.”

But we have learned these responses and it takes as much energy to create those bad feelings as it does to tap into memories of when you succeeded and had a moment of confidence and feeling good about yourself.

Hypnosis combined with NLP and Hypnoanalysis helps you deal with the past, learn from it, and move on free of that situation or influence. I will teach you how to create and maintain confidence.

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Social Phobia

And I received a call from the side of a busy road. He said: “Can you help me? I am by the side of a road deciding whether to come and see you or end it all!” I said: “You had better come and see me but if you are expecting a miracle you really are screwed!”

He laughed … which was the reason I used such language. It took a while but he has now got rid of a toxic business and moved on to work for a Multinational concern. He has a job where he is the person who inspects and has to lay the law down. He does that easily. He called me get his new Girlfriend off smoking….

A young teen lad was a promising sportsman and way ahead of himself in terms of development – but lack of confidence and social phobia were crippling his effectiveness. We put together a course to address his concerns and enhance his sporting abilities drawing on the practices of top athletes.

I work holistically to deal with the issues – social phobia is also something often learned – in the case of my first example dysfunctional parents could be nice or nasty in a heartbeat so he had learned that to say nothing and keep a low profile was the best strategy – in company beer and jokes kept him from having to really interact with others meaningfully. School Bullying had reinforced his survival strategies – the NLP strategies added to Hypnoanalysis to let the past be the past and learning how to be sociable without leaning on jokes and Beer really helped him move forward.

In the second instance the tough training regime seemed to be founded in telling you how terrible you were instead of praising the good things and building on your success. For someone who was shy and socially phobic this impeded hos ability to function both on and off the sports field. And yet a year earlier I had been able to give him enough self belief that he was selected for a top school.

I have been variously a Drama and English Teacher, Actor, Theatre Director, Playwright as well as salesman, trainer of sales people for high profile organizations and even a Theatre Agent in an Actor’s Cooperative. I use a synergy of all my skills to help you individual or in a Business or Institutional context to get by social phobia and be the best that you can be.

Confidence for Actors Singers Directors Presenter Creatives Journalists Supermodels and in Job Interviews

Because of my experience in all the previously stated fields of work I am able, more than most, to help deal with stage fright, confidence in auditions, or job interviews.

When I was acting in FAME in the West End – I realised that my skills could be useful! I worked my way up to a Harley Street practice where I saw high profile creatives or offered to discreetly go to their home or workplace – Theatre, TV or Film Studio.

So much of the problem is mindset – including a perceived problem with learning scripts or songs. I worked with many people from all fields and continued to improve my skill base until I was able to deal with most related problem areas including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or profound trauma or abuse – so from low level anxiety through panic attacks to full blown trauma related fear – I could help.

I moved to Suffolk and since have broadened my practice and also help with weight loss and other related problems – i always strive to be the best – and I hope to not disappoint!

Hypnosis and NLP for Public Speaking and Presentations

Many people fear getting up and speaking publicly – I have treated nervous CEOs who have speeches to make, blushing salesmen, Freemasons with text to memorise and deliver in arcane language, people in sales teams who have important presentations – there are many strategies and solutions that I offer and deliver to you either individually or at work place.

My approaches for Confidence and self esteem building and social phobia appear to have worked:

The difficulties with hypnotherapy or therapy of any kind is that we have to quote anonymously if at all:


“Well you must have done something right because he got into XXXXX School – and that is why we are back to help our son overcome this new challenge,.”

“I owe you my Life (literally) and livelihood – I did not think it possible – but you showed ma, as you said, “delight at theĀ  end of the tunnel”!

“I would say to anyone thinking of trying Hypnotherapy with this Man – go ahead and do it! My life is transformed.”

“I could not go out or go anywhere without the most crippling panic attacks – I had been this way for 9 years. After two treatments one day I got in the car and drove to (place of partner’s work) when I walked in to his Office at lunchtime he burst into tears. I had a top up recently as some new obstacle appeared and I breezed through it. I am back working for myself. I cannot thank you enough – I got my Life back.”

Learn the sort of confidence that champions have

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Roger Federer

Roger Federer

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