Hypnosis for Sports Dog Agility and Horse Riding

Improve your Sports Performance Dog agility and Horse Riding and get over accidents with Creative Visualisation using Self Hypnosis and NLP in Ipswich Suffolk Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex

Hypnotherapy Sports Performance improve with Hypnosis and NLP:

Whatever your Game or Sport or Hobby is it can be improved with using Self Hypnosis and Creative Visualisation – learn the tips and tricks of the champs. Strip back your game – learn from your own subconscious how to improve your performance. You know when someone is doing it right – so deep inside you know what needs to be done – it is learning how to tune that by talking to the unconscious part of you that delivers the Performance and enhancing your physical ability with Mental Attitude.

Hypnosis for running – If you run or jog you can definitely improve your performance with hypnosis and NLP

“Evening Graham thanks for the (session and the) mp3 …. Have run 3 times since Monday and there is a definite improvement….I’m loving my new found confidence. Lol thank you . Diana L

Picture: Hypnosis can improve mental focussing

Hypnosis can improve mental focussing

Most great Sports People get “into the Zone” before they have to Perform – try asking Jessica Ennis Hill for an autograph just before a race and I wonder what her response would be?!

Hypnotherapy for Tennis – play the inner game

Some Tennis Champions talk of closing their eyes and visualising previous games with an opponent – the unconscious part of them knows when particular shots beat an opponent because they unconsciously deliver them. So they can rehearse their success. It might explain why when they meet someone way down the ranks that they have rarely – if ever met – they initially knock them all over the court! Until they learn their opponents game they really are reacting reflexively in the moment!

Picture: Roger Federer

Roger Federer – Champions use visualisation – which is self hypnosis

My Father Arthur Howes was a County  Referee and was LTA Chair in Norwich Norfolk – he thought many young players were “over coached” and used to read their feet and know where shots would be placed – even late in Life young players were astounded at his seemingly psychic ability! He was an excellent coach and a tough referee = once sending a very famous tennis player off to her Dressing Room at County Level for swearing on Court!

Picture: Arthur Howes - Inter County Tennis Referee

Arthur Howes – Inter County Tennis Referee

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Most people know that it is best to be in the moment and mindful of it – to win point by point and not get too obsessed about the whole game.

 In the old Indian Proverb it is asked: “how do you eat an Elephant? ”

The answer is: “One bite at a time.”

Hypnosis to Improve Dog Agility and Horse Riding skills and Rider Confidence Coaching in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex

Many people running their dogs or riding their Horse sometimes fail because they communicate their own nervousness down the lead or Reins (or through their body).

hypnosis dog agility confidence

hypnosis for dog agility confidence

They really need to learn the Creative Visualisation skills and how to put themselves “into the Zone” – in other words into a state of focussed awareness where they see hear and focus on ONLY what they need to do.

hypnotherapy for dog agility

Hypnotherapy improves your mental focus and confidence


When you are in this state of concentrated awareness you focus absolutely and you will remember the course more easily and focus on what needs to be done by drawing on your honed experience.

dog agility hypnosis

Dog agility hypnosis


Horse Riders also suffer from lost Rider Confidence from falls or accidents

I watched Paul McKeAUG14-RL-SharonHuntnna using Hypnosis and NLP to help a rider who had lost their nerve get back on a horse and restore their confidence — as with many things we have to look holistically for the answer – in her case it wasn’t the fall but a terror of having another MRI scan – so in a sense claustrophobia was blocking her! He coached her back on to the Horse in one session and I use the same techniques of NLP and Hypnotherapy.

In my own case I had a client who had been a keen horse rider winning many trophies as a child but one day went out with her feisty pony and put her non riding friend on the back of the pony – leading the pony by the reins. She tripped and fell and dropped the reins – the headstrong pony bolted – she ran crying out for help – and when she caught up with the pony it had been hit by a car and her friend was in a ditch needing hospital treatment. School bullying followed – she was called a Horse Killer – an her lack of confidence got worse and worse until she became house bound and diagnosed Agoraphobic. The diagnosis was wrong I knew straight away – as I asked her how she relaxed – she talked of sitting in nearby fields – hardly agoraphobic – which is a fear of wide open spaces! Once we addressed her past trauma and gave her strategies to employ when out her sense of panic diminished to enable a normal life again.

This may seem off topic but I tell this as an illustration that it is not always the obvious obstacle! Which means Clients report handing “Life” a little better as well as the Horse Riding.

Hypnosis for Horse Rider Confidence issues in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex.

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Hypnotherapy and NLP for Sports People

It doesn’t matter whether it is Running, Golf, Boxing, Football, Shooting, Bowling, Archery or Tennis or any other sport or physical pastime – the principles are the same:

I had an Archery Champion as a client who had “lost his Mojo” – every remark put him off – every miss made him worse – we went back to basics – getting him to visualise doing it right through Creative Visualisation and at the same time having that calm focussed awareness.

Result: He was focussed on each shot moment to moment – and his scores actually improved from where he had been at his best!

Hypnosis for sports performance

Hypnosis for sports performance

Hypnosis for sports performance

Hypnotherapy to improve sports – whatever your game it can be improved with Hypnosis and Creative Visualisation

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