Does Hypnotherapy work

Does Hypnotherapy work or what is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis in one shape or another has been around for centuries.






Hypnotic Trance is a natural state. If you have tried to talk to a football fan watching their team or someone texting or someone lost in a good book play or film or an athlete in the zone or a musician in the flow – you might understand that their attention is fixated on the task in hand. If you are doing year end accounts you bet you are paying attention! Similarly ever tried talking to someone texting?

That is a form of hypnotic trance.

We use driving trances, work trances, acting trances. We get “in the zone” in sports. We get into a hypnotic text trance when texting. We use trance when we want to focus on something important to us.

However we are using a small amount of the potential of trance. It is immensely powerful. Many people have a perception that using hypnosis means a surrender of control to a third party. Actually the opposite is true: you learn self hypnosis to gain control. If you have unwanted habits and limiting behaviours or beliefs you can undo them with hypnosis.

Hypnotism gives you the keys to the Kingdom. You can select from a number of alternative suggestions that a skilled hypnotherapist offers you which should be based around discussions that you have about the problem area. Then there is no problem about “resistance” or a notion that “I cannot be hypnotised” because you actually want to make the change so using your imagination together we access your unconscious or subconscious to suggest more beneficial behaviours.

Your unconscious always works to protect you – you blink instinctively if a fly is heading for your eye. You brake if you see a brake light just in front. Some of that is “instinct” and some is learned. We learn all the time and your unconscious stores everything so it is a rich storehouse of wisdom that we often ignore. Sometimes that “gut instinct” is right! Your unconscious will reject anything against your core beliefs but will consider a new way of behaving if it replaces something unwanted with something that works better. An experienced hypnotherapist has many hours of working with similar problems to help you come up with better solutions.

If you could find a technique that allowed you to let go of the things you don’t want and enable you to find a happier life would you do it? Well this is what Hypnotherapy and NLP combined allows you to do.

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