Graham Howes Hypnotherapy Hypnosis and NLP in Suffolk and Essex:



Hypnotherapy in Suffolk and Essex Session Prices – Why settle for less … experience pays!

Single Sessions: £70

Three sessions / Stop Smoking / Weight Loss Hypnosis: £200

Hypno Gastric Band 4 part course – 8 hours sessions (BMI over 28) £260

Past Life Regression £65 (includes session CD)

Children and Teenagers Single session: £60

Past Life Regression £80 

Life Between Lives £150 (Long session includes Past Life Regression). 

Hypnotherapy by Skype £55 paid by Paypal in advance with email MP3 of session 

Hypno Gastric Band by Skype £250 for four sessions and one free top up

Free Session CDs or mp3

Sessions can be anywhere between 1-2 hours in length, and charges are for the session not by the hour.

Contact me for a FREE phone consultation in confidence

Call: 01473 879561

Text: 0787 5720623

Email: graham@grahamhoweshypnotherapy.co.uk

Graham Howes ASHPH GHR Registered GHSC regulated CRB checked

Prices rise in April – BOOK NOW for these prices

A Tale with a Moral:

A large Ship was stuck in Dock – the huge State of the Art engine was as dead as the proverbial DoDo. The Owners were beside themselves – they were losing Millions each day. It was beyond stressful – something HAD to be done.They called in the Engine Manufacturers … they could not help. They called in International Experts on this type of Engine – who charged enormous consulting fees … and they could find nothing wrong – and still the Engine refused to Function. They tried the cheapest person they could find – no way could THEY resolve the problem. No -one could help. Then a Secretary saw an advert online: “Engines Big or Small – 35 years experience – I can fix it! ”

They called The Man – who actually sounded like he knew what he was about – and even better he lived locally. He arrived and looked around for five minutes in utter silence. He smiled. He took a small hammer and he walked over to a small bit of the engine and tapped precisely once. He pressed the starter and the engine thrummed into Life. He said: “Problem Solved!”

“How much?” they asked.

“£3,000.00” the man replied.

“For five minutes work!” they exclaimed indignantly – quite forgetting the so called experts had charged many times that amount and had failed to fix the problem.

“All right!” said the Man – who truly was an expert … because all was well again: “In that case it is £5 for the five minutes … and £2995.00 for the 35 years experience that knew exactly how to fix the problem!”

Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner – Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotist Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk or Colchester Essex