How to have a better year

How can you make 2016 a better year?

You are what you think

Janus is the Roman God of the New Year – he looks both backward and forward.

It depends how you use the past as to how your future will be

If you view the past as a terrible time and expect ore of the same then the probability is that you will get what you predict. If you use the past as a learning process and learn from past mistakes traumas and problems you will hopefully not make the same mistake and will make a new decision based on your experience.
You will look forward positively and optimistically. The more that you find success with your new positivity the more positive you will become.
Set yourself small goals at first and as you focus on succeeding you may well find that your confidence grows.
Failure is there to teach us to do things better – so if you “fail” learn from it and next time “fail better”.

Hypnotherapy and NLP combined helps you learn how to move beyond your limitations and begin to view Life in a more positive light – so the negative mindset which limits your growth – becomes a thing of the past. That is where it should be!
You can be greater than you thought – each of us has innate skills that are unique to us. So let Janus be your portal into a great Life.
I am a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner in Ipswich Suffolk and I enjoy helping people reach their potential.

Here is an exercise that you can do:


Change your Future

Picture yourself one year from now. You have moved towards being where you dreamed that you might be. You are somewhere where you feel happy – with people that you want to be with or alone if you prefer. 

You have achieved all you wanted over the year by deciding to: “Go for it!” You have allowed no setbacks to stop you. You have taken every failure as a lesson learned. It has just redoubled your determination to succeed.

Now: What is that dream? What conditions need to be in place to achieve it? 

What REALISTIC goal do you therefore have in mind? 

“It is OK to build Castles in the air – as long as you then put foundations under them.”


Now: Go and do it! 

Happy New Year

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Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Ipswich Suffolk