Hypnotherapy is not about doing the funky chicken but is more chicken soup for the mind body and soul

Hypnotherapy is not about doing the funky chicken – but is more chicken soup for the mind body and soul!

Hypnosis is about more than “doing the funky chicken”:

Although after Hypnotherapy you might feel so much better that you feel like “doing the funky chicken!”

Hypnotherapy is about identifying your areas of difficulty or concern and then offering strategies to address those areas of difficulty – for instance if you are anxious or stressed finding ways to calm yourself and deal with whatever is causing your anxiety or stress. My approach uses a mixture of straightforward counselling, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnoanalysis … and what ever helps you to get to where you needs to be!

There is a lot more on my blogs and pages on this site – if you find what you are looking for – or even if you don’t – call me or email or text me for a free consultation and I will explain how I can help you.

Here is an excellent starting point http://www.hypnotherapy-colchester-ipswich.com/wp/hypnotherapy-treatments-colchester-manningtree-frinton-essex/

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been used for centuries to address issues such as Anxiety and Stress but also Pain Relief, Self Healing, healing Psychological Trauma and PTSD , ridding yourself of bad Habits like smoking or achieving Weight Management with a mindset change rather than dieting, or getting rid of Fears and Phobias.

All of these problems that we have we learn at some point or create as a coping mechanism or a reaction stays with us and becomes our default response.

But there is always a choice and Hypnosis is NOT about losing control but gaining self control using trance – which is actually something that you access every day:

When you are concentrating on your accounts and you hear and see nothing else that is a form of trance, when Jessica Ennis gets “into the zone” or a Musician “in the flow” or an Actor “in the moment” – all of these are a kind of trance. When you drive and think of something else and arrive home and you don’t recall the journey – that is trance. When you watch a great film or theatre play or read a book and get “lost in it” that is trance.

You learn with hypnotherapy how to access this natural state to make the changes that you want – with my help – I am a facilitator. I also help you find out where the issues or habits come from so we can work together to fix any problems – whether that be a habit or a terrible trauma!

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP?

NLP can be quite complex to the practitioner

.. but for the client it just seems to allow them to make difficult changes to mental processes easily by doing some mental visualisation exercises and other techniques such as anchoring a desired state like calm to combat panic anxiety or stress for instance.

Very Simply put: it is a structured way of enabling you to get past unwanted habitual responses to situations and triggers.

About Hypnoanalysis

Your Unconscious or subconscious runs everything behind the scenes. When you run for a bus you don’t ask for adrenaline, your heart to beat faster or increased circulation and an alteration in breathing do you? Tou don’t ask your eyelid to blink when dust is headed towards you – it just happens. You don’t just look at an unfamiliar fish dishyou engage with a process which tracks back through your memories and finds an instance where you tried this and did not like it – so you find yourself saying: “No thanks – I don’t much like that.”

Similarly how do you know it is YOUR car or house or that I am writing English? That’s right your unconscious or subconscious processes. Why do you react in certain ways with certain stimuli: a spider terrifies you, you feel stressed so you smoke a cigarette or use a drug or eat some chocolate cake or some ice cream. We have learned these responses – some of which are habits or coping mechanisms. However there may be better ways forward that are less harmful to you or just better. We can use Hypnotherapy and NLP to empower those better happier choices – but how do we find out what triggered the habitual problematic or traumatic reeponse?

Hypnoanalysis is about putting the mind into a relaxed state and then asking your unconscious or subconscious where those triggers are and why they have to be the default? Actually they don’t! So that is why we can use this as a tool to identify the triggers and alter how you feel about them.


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