Losing Weight for the Holidays

Effective weight loss at Christmas! Holidays and special Occasions and Weddings

So many people go on diets this time of year but rapidly get fed up of dietary restrictions, calorie or point counting, shakes or tasteless replacement foods and once again the diet has gone west!

This is because you are not eating “normally”!

Your body and mind don’t like it. You go back to your “normal eating” and put the weight back on or, worse, increase weight!

You are going at it the wrong way!

We need to tackle your so called normal eating. So many people think they understand how to eat nutritionally and really don’t – the papers books and magazines are confusing and contradictory. Is Red Wine in or out this month?

I run weight loss hypnosis and the Hypno gastric band hypnotherapy courses. You will learn that a Mars Bar or sugary drink have NINE teaspoons of sugar in them – a child’s RDA is THREE teaspoons. Regular consumption of these sweets or sugary drinks can lead to type 2 diabetes and that’s just for starters. Your body doesn’t thank you for the extra weight .. It’s like I fill two rucksacks with 14 pounds of lard and tell you to put them on and RUN. your answer would be unprintable.

Take a look – it’s a different approach and many satisfied customers no longer diet.. Their normal eating is informed by “intelligent eating” and if they were obese they have the much acclaimed in the media Hypno Gastric band in place at a fraction of the cost of a real Gastric band and we have tackled WHY they overeat. Tackling your triggers leads to feeling better about yourself, letting go of limitations and harmful repressions, dealing with comfort eating, boredom, depression, bingeing and picking and nibbling, reducing stress and anxiety and boosting confidence.

Talk to me for free and in confidence to see how I can tailor a course to address your needs. My many clients have taught me the best way to help them – experience counts! And hypnotism has been around a ling time!

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For more and a free BMI calculator see here: http://hypnotherapyinsuffolk.co.uk/hypno-gastric-band-hypnotherapy-lose-weight-hypnosis-suffolk/

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