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Hypno Cancer Relief is a Complementary Hypnotherapy and NLP intervention







Studies at Hull University Hospital by Professor L G Walker suggest that guided visualisation helps with the distressing aspects of Cancer where a patient feels that they must endure the treatment and that there is nothing they can contribute.

Actually in tests they formed two comparable groups: one had treatment and no hypnotherapy and the other also had hypnotherapy.

The survival rate and recovery was significantly higher in the group who underwent the hypnotherapy course – which offers practical approaches to reduce stress and address the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and fear. You are also taught ways to enhance your treatment with visualisation. Your Mindset can be crucial to your recovery.

NB: This is not a replacement for proper medical intervention but is complementary to it and based on cutting edge and solidly researched methods.

Finding your Balance

is a six week survival approach for those living with cancer which I have designed for people facing this most life-changing of illnesses. I teach clients how to use the power of their unconscious – which runs the body and processes behind the scenes – to help in controlling pain and discomfort, improve your mood and to own and engage in the healing process.

If you follow the plan that we work out together you can improve your quality of life and by rehearsing the attack on the cancer and promote recovery this logically leads to an improvement in your condition. Research by Prof L G Walker show great improvement in recovery and longevity in those using this kind of approach.

Your state of mind has a significant effect on your medical outcome, people who are engaged in healthy-minded living will normally do better medically, even if they have a life-changing illness. Dave Elman, the famed American Hypnotherapist, who was widely respected  by Dentists Doctors and Surgeons that he trained in Pain Relief with Hypnosis back in the 1950s and 60s, used to tell them to make sure that their patients were in a positive state of mind before any significant surgery Рthat people could literally kill themselves by the assumption that they would die!

I work with the client specifically to: Address Their Needs, Raise their Hopes and increase their inner Mental Resources, tackling such things as Depression Stress and Anxiety, so they feel they are participating in their own recovery rather than being the passive recipient of medical interventions

You feel that you are becoming proactive towards your cancer rather than passively accepting it, Making New Neural pathways and “remembering when you were well” – the body knows how to heal itself – it does so with a cut – often before you are aware of the cut consciously – so we stimulate you to relate to a time before your cancer was present and go into that memory as a reference for your unconscious processes – going backwards to move forwards.

There is more on this blog on both Pain Relief and the facts about how hypnosis can help with pain and cancer relief: Cancer and Pain Relief the facts

The Cancer Wellness Doctrine

“Cancer has changed my life, but that does not mean my life has changed for the worse. I will decide how my life has been changed.

While there may be moments of uncertainty, there will always be reasons for hope.

I am the most important member of my healthcare team. The more active and curious I am about my treatment the better my outlook will be.

I have the power to make a difference in my treatment and care.

Physical healing is not the only goal of my treatment. I can also use this time to heal my spirit, relationships and my heart.”

(Revd C. Scott Giles)

Documents on Cancer:

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Important Document from US Government agency on Cancer please see my approach here and talk to me for a genuine complementary therapy Hypno Cancer Relief

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