Hypnosis and the visual arts – Hypnotism with Hayley Lock

I have been working with Hayley Lock, a Visual Artist, on an ongoing project to explore how Hypnosis can help inspire Art.

We had a Past Life Regression where Hayley experienced synaesthesia in relation to various Composers that she was playing as a Classical Pianist in War Torn Europe in the 1930s.

hypnosis hayley hypnosis with HayleyWe have just had a long session of Automatic Drawing where on being asked to open her eyes in Deep Trance her hand was asked to draw without the conscious mind being involved.



In the clip below Hayley is amused to see her hand take off like a rocket and she even swaps hands to create a labyrinthine drawing. At the end she noted the predominant colours that she experienced in this state. Next we explore Automatic Writing.


Here is a small clip of our work.


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Here is Hayley’s site Hayley Lock Artist

We have presented our eyes open hypnosis experiments at the British Psychological Society, Spike Island in Bristol, Manchester Art Gallery, Minories Art Gallery in Colchester and more .. also collaborating with a well known musician. See Hayley’s site