The top two reasons why people smoke .. And why they should stop smoking!

The Top Two reasons why people smoke as heard in my hypnotherapy practices in Suffolk and Essex and why they should stop:

1: Smoking for comfort

People believe that smoking relieves stress and anxiety and relaxes them while giving them a stimulation. There are many other healthier and better ways to achieve the same end.

After all if I told you that I was giving you a tube to suck filled with 4000 deadly poisons, tars that would sit in your lungs, plus smoke that would impact your ability to breathe and if I also said that you had a one in three chance of dying horribly from smoking it – would you take that chance?

2: Because smoking is glamorous and sociable

It is illegal in the UK to smoke in certain areas and this is because we now know that theorising in tobacco affect not just you but anyone near you that is also other adults, children and even pets. Smoking is injurious to health and is less socially acceptable. Sadly smokers also smell horrible to non smokers both breath and o their clothes and hair. Many people cite smoking as a reason to not date smokers. Hollywood stars were paid a kind of product placement fee in the Golden Age of Cinema to smoke and many of them subsequently died of cancer related to smoking.

Hypnosis is THE most tried and tested and successful way to quit smoking for good and it isn’t necessary to gain weight – many of the drivers for overeating and smoking are the same. So if you want to get fit and healthy and stop relying on using food and smoking or other substances or alcohol as tranquillisers then talk to me to see how hypnotism can teach you the tools to address all the reasons like stress anxiety and more and boost you self confidence too. If you are a sports person I also throw in some coaching!

It is a dangerous habit as we now know that costs in terms of health and an average of £2,500 a year for a habit that kills. It is a habit you learned and you can unlearn it and replace all the reasons you smoked with healthier and even more interesting alternatives..

Stop playing Russian Roulette with a three chambered gun and see how this will even save you money at an average of £2,500 a year.

You can stop smoking AND lose weight with my combined course! I also have an option of the Hypno Gastric Band hypnosis course if you are classified obese.

Hypnosis for weight loss combined with smoking cessation is available in Ipswich Suffolk (most days) and Colchester Essex and Hadleigh (Sunday) and Ipswich (Wednesday) Suffolk. Also by Skype worldwide and throughout the UK.

I also offer stop smoking and weight loss courses separately see this site for more.

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Hypnosis and the visual arts – Hypnotism with Hayley Lock

I have been working with Hayley Lock, a Visual Artist, on an ongoing project to explore how Hypnosis can help inspire Art.

We had a Past Life Regression where Hayley experienced synaesthesia in relation to various Composers that she was playing as a Classical Pianist in War Torn Europe in the 1930s.

hypnosis hayley hypnosis with HayleyWe have just had a long session of Automatic Drawing where on being asked to open her eyes in Deep Trance her hand was asked to draw without the conscious mind being involved.



In the clip below Hayley is amused to see her hand take off like a rocket and she even swaps hands to create a labyrinthine drawing. At the end she noted the predominant colours that she experienced in this state. Next we explore Automatic Writing.


Here is a small clip of our work.

Please contact me if you are interested in similar exploration

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Here is Hayley’s site Hayley Lock Artist

We have presented our eyes open hypnosis experiments at the British Psychological Society, Spike Island in Bristol, Manchester Art Gallery, Minories Art Gallery in Colchester and more .. also collaborating with a well known musician. See Hayley’s site