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If you do what you always did – You will get what you always got

It is a truism that if you: “Do what you always did – You will get what you always got” – I don’t know who said it but my experience with many clients hows that many people are limited by their mindset. They assume that they cannot change and that they are the victims of Fate or Luck. I am writing this on St David’s Day March 1st 2013 and you are supposed in the UK to say “White Rabbits” for Good Luck.

The Map is not the Territory

There is almost a cliche in Hypnotherapy and NLP that we say: “The Map is Not the Territory” – which sound very Zen but simply refers to our personal World view shaped by all that has happened and all we have learned. We form opinions and a world view – but that is our perception and other people’s perceptions are different – this is what makes us unique and special individuals – which is terrific. But as Richard Bandler – one of the inventors of neuro linguistic programming often says: “How is it working for you?”

If it isn’t working it is time to “Try something Different – until we find out what works.

Yes you can

As President Obama suggested you can change – actually we change all the time rebuilding bits and pieces – apparently replacing up to 90% of our body each year! So change is natural – so if it isn’t working try something else.

How to reprogram yourself

If you want to give your supercomputer mind a software upgrade – how do you do it? Just telling it won’t work as the bits of your mind that keep all your previous patterns and habits in place will continue to reject too much change – so therefore we have to bypass that bit and suggest to the unconscious part of you that is running up to two and a half million processes including circulation, heartbeat etc … as well as all the Memories stored from Birth and forgotten or accessed on occasion by the Conscious Mind .. this may include traumatic or limiting behaviours .. it is by using trance and NLP that we enable you to gently suggest alternatives. You are conscious of this but as it is working with the subconscious part of you – you will consider the new way if it seems reasonable as a substitute behaviour. This is NOT brainwashing but simply offering you more choices – thereby empowering yourself. You go to meet someone like me to learn how to do this and when you have learned how you begin to learn how to undo habits, manage pain anxiety and stress, lose weight , quit smoking and more .. best of all you get the keys to the Kingdom and can turn down pain at the Dentists and send yourself to sleep when insomniac. If you are spiritually inclined you begin to understand how to access the inner part of you and empower you body and mind in many new directions. Learning Self Hypnosis as we work to help you with your issues – is one of the best gifts you will give yourself – to live your life happily as you really are – free of Self Imposed Limitations.

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