Hypnotherapy by Skype

Hypnosis by Skype

I was talking by skype the other day to the lovely English Sisters in Rome http://www.hypnoramblings.com/

They have been offering skype Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions for some time and I received this morning a request for help for Driving Test nerves. The Gentle man explained he kept failing and hos Driving Instructor had suggested Hypnosis – could I help? I asked when his test was? He came back that it was two days time! I suggested that we meet ASAP and suggested my Ipswich Clinic. That would be difficult he countered. How about the next day at my Colchester practice? No that would be hard too. Where are you? I asked. Zimbabwe came back the reply.

I realised that Hypnosis can truly be a worldwide intervention

In the case of the Gentleman he didn’t have skype or wanted to use it so I offered to send an MP3 by email for a small payment via paypal.

I realised also that for many places around the World Hypnosis and NLP are still a new and difficult to obtain intervention – although of course in Zimbabwe I am sure that Trance has been used way back for learning and personal development – although it wouldn’t be called hypnosis!

So coming soon sessions by Skype! Thanks English Sisters – you are right – this is one of the new ways forward and it is better than a generic CD or book which will always be “one size fits all!” There is no substitute for precise treatment tailored to your specific needs.

I have since been working in Barcelona and Florida USA to name but two and all over the UK.




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