Can hypnotic trance be used for spiritual and personal development?

feat-3-664858_960x3322.pngHypnotic Trance and Personal and Spiritual Development

Can hypnotic trance be used for spiritual and personal development?

I would have to say from my personal experience – yes! I am teaching people to rid themselves of personal restrictions and blocks caused by past trauma or past life trauma or learned behaviour or habits. Most people have restricted their lives unnecessarily through restriction either placed upon them, habits they have got into to cope – such as self medication with drugs or alcohol or smoking or eating too much food. This is all about tranquillizing themselves. If you learn how to master trance through self hypnosis you learn how to move past these restrictions with a skilled hypnotherapist or hypnotist to begin to live in the present moment and live Life more on your own terms.

We usually have a choice but sometimes it means you have to deal with the past so you can learn from mistakes and move forward: “You failed? So what! Next time. Fail Better!” Samuel Beckett

Learn to listen to your feelings and what they are telling you:

Bored? You need company or mental stimulation – shake up your Life and explore new avenues

Stressed? Learn to be calm and prioritise – the top three things and no more.

Worried / Anxious? What are you worried or anxious about and why? Does it change anything? If not take action and do something to address it – learn from any mistakes and move on.

Above all keep reinventing yourself – try it if it works – great … do it until it doesn’t work and then try something else.

Get in touch with your inner adviser the unconscious which is an enormous storehouse of experiencve and all the stuff you have consciously forgotten but your subconscious remembers.

Use visualisation to deal with pain or make a change or develop your awareness – train yourself to astral project or lucid dream if you want to and get inside and talk to that wise voice – your inner genius. You can build a safe place as a personal retreat to do inner work and much more.

I run workshops in London and hopefully in Suffolk and Essex soon. I run a retreat in the Garfagnana Mountains in Tuscany in July. I also do one to ones to teach you to move beyond personal restrictions and blocks.

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