Past life regression

Past Life Regression Hypnosis in Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex

I am a leading Past Life Regression practitioner.

I practice safe regression with hypnosis.

IMG_0445I trained with Susan Arrowsmith as a Past Life Therapist and I am privileged to be quoted extensively and listed by Jenny Smedley in her book Soul Angels on PLR. I was featured in “Chat It’s Fate”!


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Past Life Regression Ipswich and Colchester


I offer past life sessions mainly at Ipswich and by arrangement in Colchester at my Hypnotherapy practices in Suffolk and Essex and sessions are recorded for your later use. I offer sessions on Skype throughout the UK and worldwide.


Past Life Regression is perfectly safe and if any issues emerge we deal with them safely in this life. We will explore thoroughly your past life or lives to see what there is to learn and understand.

Past Life sessions I have run have revealed an boy orphan who grew up publisher of satirical magazines in Dickens time who had detailed knowledge of an area of Whitechapel she has never visited, a boy (also female in this life) who grew up in a turbulent Monastery illiterate, a Female Murderer, a young runaway child who died of hypothermia, a very bossy aristocrat in Cumbria, a Man run through with a sword in a medieval battle who had mysterious pain in that area in this life, an Antiquarian bookseller from the 18th Century in Bath … and many more … some hilarious, some tragic, always revelatory!

“We shall not cease from exploration
And at the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time”

T S Eliot

Price: £65 plus a FREE recording of your session

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Call: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623

Graham Howes Past Life Regression Hypnosis Specialist in Suffolk and Essex

 STOP PRESS: Workshops for Spiritual and Personal Self Development:

I want to set up a Spiritual and Personal Development Circle in Ipswich with special guests

I am also offering a small group workshop for inner healing and spiritual and personal development called “Inquire Within”. Each person attending gets a certificate of attendance.

I am also going to run some day long workshops to teach self hypnosis for self Healing and Personal and Spiritual Development based around my retreats in Italy and here in the UK.

Contact me for details

Text or Call: 07875720623


STOP PRESS: I was featured in the Magazine “Chat – It’s Fate” in Jenny Smedley’s column for my Past Life Regression work – she has also quoted some of my regressions in her books on the subject.

Past Life Regression and Spiritual and Personal Development in Ipswich Suffolk